Happy Rock Antiques was established in September 2013 by the Bateman family. Through our doors, you will find just about anything you've been looking for! From vintage to repurposed, home decor to collectibles, you could spend hours browsing! Our large selection of unique, one-of-a-kind items sets us apart from any other malls around.

The largest mall in the Northland is right down the road in Gladstone, MO!

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Featured Items:

1800's French Rococco Cabinet

This is a remarkable museum-worthy piece! The age is estimated between 1790-1830's.
Only 3 exist!
Intricate details frame the outer edges with beautiful, hand painted works of art. The original key is included to lock all three sides. They really don't make pieces like these anymore!

1905 World's Fair Oil on Canvas Painting
This painting is an incredible piece of history. This was feautured in the World's Fair of 1905 in St. Louis. It is framed by a beautifully carved antique-style frame and is more than 6ft long! The windows off to the left side of the painting light up and create a more victorian feel to any room. This is truly a museum quality artifact.
This would be perfect in a den over a fireplace. Very large!

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