Vendor Q's & A's

What do I put on my tags? What kind of tags am I allowed to have?
Your vendor number should be in the top corner, a small description of the item, and the price (on both sides) should be on each tag. We have a variety of tags near our front doors that you may purchase, or you are welcome to make your own. Sticker tags are NOT allowed! Masking tape/painter's tape works well if you need to tape the tag on an item.

What items are NOT allowed inside of Happy Rock Antiques?
Our mall strives to be different from the rest. We do NOT accept the following:
appliances, tires, liquor, flammable liquids, mattresses, TV’s, beanie babies, computers, firearms, ammunition, VCR players or tapes, batteries, explosives, or anything of the like. If you are not sure, just ask!

When will my check be available? What fees will be deducted?
Checks are available between the 3rd-5th of each month. All paperwork of sales and lay-a-ways will be included for your convenience. The fees that will be deducted will be your next month’s rent, 10% commission charge on each item, and 2.5% from items paid using a debit/card.

Where can I find electricity?
Our electric outlets are limited. Some booths have that added feature, and others do not. If you find an open plug, you may ask the vendor (who has the outlet) if they would like to share. Upper level booths do NOT feature electricity, though we have installed more lights on that level recently.

Where can I load/unload my items? Do I need my own tools?
We offer a loading dock on the West side of our store. Items that are larger than an average kitchen chair need to be loaded from this area. Please let our cashier on duty know that you will be using the dock. We also have dollies, ladders, twine, tools and other items that you may use.

Does Happy Rock offer discounts to customers?
We allow our customers to make offers on any items priced over $50. If this is an offer you do NOT wish to participate in, let us know ASAP. Happy Rock occasionally organizes special discount events that you may participate in.

How can I set my booth up? What do other vendors use?
Many vendors use twine against the ceiling beams to hang items, others buy peg board, lattice, or grids. Use your imagination! If you need advice, ask our other vendors here. Browsing through our mall might help give you a few ideas.

How much are booth rentals?
Booth rental varies based on location. Typically, prices are $1.50 per square foot. Glass display cases are $25-$75. Upper level booths begin at $39/month.

If you have any other questions, feel free to give us a call!    816-569-0949